Sunday, August 21, 2016


I have my favorite song on repeat in my head. You by Belly feat. Kehlani  

I'll be up so late just gettin' faded over you
I know you've been patient, I'ma save it just for you
I'll be contemplatin' what I wanna say to you
You, you

[Refrain: Belly]
All about you
All about, all about you
All about you
All about you

[Verse 2: Kehlani]
I've been rollin', I've been really sippin' cause of you
I've been trippin', I've been hittin'
Missin' cause of you
And I don't know why I'm so goddamn persistent
Over you
I done fucked around and caught feelings
Now I'm tryna come up with reasons
For why I'm feining for you
It might not mean nothin' to you
Havin' it to fuckin' on you
Gotta give it up to you
I might keep it a hundred with you
Cause I

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