Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tulle a Loo!

                                                                Photo by R. Franklin

     I definitely look like a ballerina! Lol I've been a dancer all my life and love ballet. This dress grabbed my attention at Foreign Exchange right away! I thought it looked weird hanging but once i tried it on I had to have it!!! Its perfect!!! I didn't wear a bra but the dress is made to where you can wear a bra without it showing. Fashion no no is having a reg. bra showing. The fact that it is blue jean at the top and tulle at the bottom makes this dress so me! Very girly but tomboy as well. My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. Hope everyone enjoy their weekend!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


  Hello! So lets talk about how I found an Urban Outfitters Surplus store in the valley!!! Thinking surplus you would think out of season clothes, but they have most recent up to two months in the actually Urban store !!! IM EXCITED!! I purchased these jeans for only 10 DOLLARS!!! the retail price is 80 then they dropped it down to 30 online. Great deal! My top is from Brandy. They have the cutest basic tops. If you live in southern cali near the valley def. check out the surplus store!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

                                                                                Photo by Charles

Flannel Brandy Melville
One-piece swimsuit Boutique
Shorts Levis

  Happy Memorial Day! I had a busy weekend performing for some of the hottest dj's in America! So much fun but very tired today. I love to start my day at the beach so today I am at Venice Beach. My flannel is Brandy Melville. My swimsuit is from a boutique in downtown LA. I usually don't like one piece swimsuits but this is super cute! I've never had a crochet swimsuit so this is perfect to add to my collections.
   My shorts are levis and my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. Yes they are very comfortable.  I got them from I am obsessed with this online shop! Hope everyone had a safe weekend =)


Friday, May 23, 2014

Show your true colors

Photo by Richard Franklin

                      Top Brandy Melville
                      Jeans Frankie B.
                      Shoes Jeffrey Campbell
                      Phone Case Melody Ehsani

I always wanted to shoot with a cool car! I love Hummers so tough but hot at the same time. My photographer had an idea of doing something different and read my mind with shooting with a car! His cr goes well with my outfit I am wearing today. My top is Brandy Melville. My jeans are Frankie b. because I am small I can never find jeans that fit. Frankie b. fit perfect for small petite woman. My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell and my hat I custom made. 
   My new phone case is from Melody Ehsani! I love her line!! I went to her store on melrose and wanted to buy everything. I needed a new phone case and fell in love with the Clea phone case. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Orange is the new black

Top Melrose 
Shorts Levis
Earrings Forever21
Shoes Lolashoetique

  I forgot I had this blouse in my closet! I love this top. Its from a boutique on Melrose in west hollywood. It goes perfect with my hat! I thought I didn't own any orange lol guess I do! My shoes are lolashoetique, my hoops are forever21 and shorts are vintage levis. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Girl

Dress and Hat Brandy Melville
Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

    I love the Jada dress from Brandy!! This is their best seller of the summer comes in black, cream, sea foam and prints. Go get your while they last! Happy Hump day!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Turn your lights down low

Photo by Richard Franklin

Hat Wasteland
Top Farmers Market
Shorts Levis

   Today was beautiful with a slight wind chill which we needed! I wish I was aloive when Bob Marley was here on earth. He is great! Love, peace and happiness can manifest into the IMpossible. I got this unique cut vintage shirt from the farmers market! The booth is Mad fashion vintage. This guy designs the shirts himself. The best part is this was on 10 dollars!!!! I will be back at his booth very soon=) My hat and shoes are from Wasteland. My shorts are Levis. 
~One Love~